Talking about card games, of course Tien Len Mien Nam is always one of the most loved and played games not only because of its simplicity but also because it is extremely entertaining. But before starting the exciting Tien Len Southern card games, players need to understand the basic terms in this card game.
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Terms players should know in the article Tien Len Southern

  • Garbage

Junk cards are individual cards that cannot be combined with another card ♥2 or ♠K or ♠5 or ♦J or ♦A…

  • Pair

A pair is a combination of 2 cards of the same number. For example: ♠A♣A (ace pair) or ♣5♦5 (five pair) or ♥J♦J (J pair) or ♠9♦9 (nine pair) or ♣K♥K (K pair)

  • Trio (Cu)

A combination of 3 cards of the same number. For example: ♠7♦7♥7 (tick 7) or ♠Q♦Q♣Q (tick Q) or ♥3♠3♦3 (tick 3)…

  • Lobby

Is a card combination consisting of 3 or more cards with consecutive numbers (card 2 cannot be in the straight, straights from 3 to A are called dragon straights.)

  • Double pine

Is a combination of three or more pairs with consecutive numbers.
For example: ♥7♦7♥8♦8♥9♦9 or ♠10♣10♠J♣J♠Q♣Q♠K♣K♠A♣A or ♠10♣10♥J♣J♠Q♦Q

  • Four quarters:

A combination of 4 cards of the same number.
For example: ♥A♦A♣A♠A (four of aces), ♥9♦9♣9♠9 (four of nines)

  • Go white

Going white is understood as a case of winning immediately after dealing without playing, that is when the player has a combination of cards that falls into one of the following cases:

  • In the first hand of the game: There are special card combinations related to the 3 of spades card such as four of a kind 3 or 3 or 4 pairs of pines with a 3 of spades card.
  • In any game in the game:
    • There are four quarters 2
    • There are 5 pairs of pine trees
    • There are any 6 pairs
    • There is a dragon hall (consecutive hall from 3 to A)
    • There are 12 cards of the same color

If in case 2 people come up empty in a game, the winnings will be divided in half.

Some places stipulate two more cases of white: whether to count pigs or not. Counting pigs (actually counting pigs and goods) means that if the losers have pigs or goods, they will be counted as rotten and will be punished for the loser. Because counting pigs in white results in more rewards, the requirements must be stricter, in the sense that the probability of occurrence is more difficult. For example, if 6 pairs come to white without counting the pigs, and 6 pairs of pine go to white without counting the pigs.)

  • Freezing (also known as Asphyxiation, Burning Cards, and Locking Up)

Crowding, also known as burning cards, is the case when in a game there is a winner (playing all 13 cards) but you still haven’t drawn any cards.

The person who is “frozen” will have to lose double the bet amount and will have their cards checked, counting the number of 2 cards or special card combinations for additional punishment. The person who comes first will of course be the winner of this money.

  • Chop

“Chop” is a concept that refers to the fact that players use special combinations (“rows”) to bet on “pigs” (which are very advantageous) or “rows”. “Tight” principle:
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  • 3 pairs of pine trees are cut into one pig, or 3 pairs of smaller pine trees.
  • For four quarters, you can chop a pig, a pair of pigs, any 3 pairs of pine trees, and the four quarters are smaller.
  • 4 pairs of pine trees are cut into a pig, a pair of pigs, 3 pigs, 3 pairs of pine trees, four quarters, 4 pairs of smaller pine trees.

The final “chop the husband” is the summary of all previous “chop” acts. The person who gets cut last will have to pay the entire cut fee. Everyone must follow the round of play.

  • “Rotten” (rotten) two, row

This is what happens at the end of a game. If the person who finishes last has “two” or “rows” left, they will be punished. The beneficiary is the person who comes in third (except in the case of coming to white with separate regulations) and if there are only three pairs of cards (6 cards) or four of a kind (four cards) left in hand, they are still allowed to cut pigs or goods like that. Normal.

Above New88 has listed all the Southern Tien Len terms you need to pay special attention to in order to become a good and professional Tien Len player.

Wish you have fun playing the game!


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