The main thing a gamer needs is a powerful desktop computer or laptop that can handle their favorite games. But purchasing this equipment is just the beginning. We’ve compiled a small selection of items that will be useful for gamers.

For gaming, you can use both a desktop PC and a laptop. The main thing is that the device’s specifications meet the requirements. Today, there are special models for gamers with excellent hardware that will satisfy even demanding players. I recommend checking out Bet22 to enhance your gaming experience with a variety of options.


There are many specialized gaming headphones available. More often than not, these are full-size models with soft, large ear cushions that fit snugly over the ear. Such headphones should effectively block out external sounds and provide full immersion in the gaming experience. What other requirements are imposed on gaming headphones?

  1. Comfortable headband that doesn’t put pressure on the head. The gadget should be comfortable. Even after 4-6 hours of continuous use, your head shouldn’t hurt.
  2. High-quality sound. Crackles, dips, and overloads will significantly detract from the overall gaming experience. Therefore, voluminous and clear sound is one of the important criteria.
  3. A good microphone. You can buy it separately, but for many, it’s more convenient when the microphone is already built into the headphones. It should transmit the player’s voice cleanly, without crackles or delays.

You can buy good headphones in different price ranges. But it’s not worth opting for very cheap ones: they may be flimsy, have crackling sound, and won’t last long. You can look at models starting from $50. For example, a more affordable option is the Logitech G335. These are headphones with a comfortable fit, large and soft ear cushions, an excellent microphone, medium noise isolation, and quite voluminous sound. And if you want something more powerful and stylish, you can consider the Razer Kraken Kitty. Very bright, attention-grabbing, with excellent sound and a comfortable microphone. Just what a streamer needs.

Headset Stand

This gadget can’t be called essential, unlike headphones with a microphone. But it’s stylish, allows you to get rid of the “cluttered desk” effect. It can also serve as a USB hub and mouse cable holder. There are options in different styles: loft (with a wooden base), made entirely of metal, or futuristic ones made of transparent plastic with various backlighting. Prices for the cheapest basic models start from $10, while devices with stylish design and additional options can cost around $150.

A stylish stand can become a real interior decoration.


And if the user doesn’t stream the gameplay, doesn’t communicate with teammates, and doesn’t like to use headphones? In this case, you can simply use speakers or a soundbar. The power and characteristics of an average model will be sufficient for reproducing all game sounds. This will help you not to “fall out” of the game process and enjoy the musical accompaniment.

What speakers to choose? Pay attention to:

  • Audio system format. It is denoted by two numbers separated by a period. The first is the number of speakers, the second is the presence (1) or absence (0) of a subwoofer (needed for reproducing sounds at the lowest frequencies). Options like 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 are the most popular. Variants like 5.1 and 7.1 are more commonly used for creating home theaters.
  • Power — a universal option for an apartment is 10–20 watts (so that the user can hear everything well, but the neighbors can’t). Variants up to 60 watts are a good choice if you like loud music and live in a private house.
  • Material. The best sound comes from wooden and metal models, but they are usually more expensive. Among plastic speakers, you can also find good options. And if you don’t care about perfectly clean and voluminous sound, their sound will be sufficient.

Playing without musical accompaniment is boring. So if you don’t want to use headphones, it’s better to choose good speakers.


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