Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries located in the far north of Europe and the most dense in terms of its population in the Nordic countries, whose population is about 10 million people, and when we talk about Sweden directly, it comes to our minds that it exports and is world famous for its high-quality fashion industry and luxurious furniture, as its capital, Stockholm, includes the largest number Of the companies that have a per capita share of about one million dollars a year.

Sweden is also famous for its pioneering educational level, which rises to high levels of the degree, and there are many universities with a world-class educational level in Sweden, and this article will deal in detail about studying in Sweden and its requirements for international students in this advanced, civilized country

Why study in Sweden?

A world-famous educational system

The Swedish educational system is distinguished by its high quality and excellent international standing. Swedish universities are ranked among the best universities in the world, and adding one of them to the student’s academic career will be a distinctive and very important addition to him.

A thriving student life

Students in Sweden live a life of fun and excitement, where new international students interact with each other and with Swedish students, exchange different ideas and learn various customs and cultures that make their lives rich and interesting. The Flugsta district of Uppsala is a nightly crowd screaming in an atmosphere full of love and amusement.

There is no language barrier

The English language ranks second after the Swedish language and this has made Sweden an excellent place to learn and develop English language skills, and thus it will encourage students to study abroad in Sweden thanks to the English language, and also an opportunity to learn the Swedish language to facilitate integration into the new Swedish society for international students.

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Prime site

Sweden, with its geographical location in Central Europe, is a center for travel and leisure and tourist trips for students who want such adventures to discover different locations throughout Europe smoothly and at low cost, through one of Sweden’s ten international airports or through its train system.

Swedish way of life

Sweden is a developed country in all fields, its residents and residents live a highly organized life and in most aspects of life, it depends on accuracy and organization in life and flexibility in other aspects of life, thus achieving a great balance between work and life that values ​​the individual’s right to live happily.

the beautiful nature

Beautiful nature has a prominent role that makes Sweden a destination and destination for visitors and students studying abroad, as it opens doors for them to explore the picturesque landscapes that nature abounds there, in addition to camping trips, skiing adventures, hiking, fishing and other natural aesthetics.

Home of business

Sweden is a suitable place for international students to obtain a job opportunity during their studies in many of the famous Swedish commercial companies, and since Sweden does not restrict the student to the number of official working hours, this helps him find the appropriate opportunity that may serve him in his future career.

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A challenge worth doing

Studying in Sweden is one of the best study experiences in the life of an international student, and it creates a beautiful and exciting challenge for him. It deserves to make every effort to achieve success, distinction and reach the dream of studying.

Study and living costs in Sweden

Costs and fees for studying in Swedish universities

  • For students coming from the European Union-European Economic Area and Switzerland, the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are free to study.
  • For students from outside the European Union, the study costs vary according to the university and the chosen specialization. The tuition fee for a bachelor’s or master’s program may reach between 7500 – 25,500 euros per year, and the MBA may cost 31,000 euros per year.
  • Social sciences and humanities specialization 7,500 – 10,300 euros per year.
  • Information Technology and Natural Sciences major 11,250 – 13,600 euros per year.
  • Architecture and design 17,800 – 25,300 euros per year.

Tuition fees in the best Swedish universities

Top-ranked Swedish universities Annual tuition fee (in EUR)
Karolinska Institute 16,000 – 19,400 euros
Uppsala University 9300 – 13,500 euros
Lund University 9,300 – 25,000 euros
Stockholm University 8725 – 13,620 euros

The cost of living in Sweden for students

Students in Sweden cost an average of 700 – 1200 euros per month .. The following is a statement of the cost of living in Sweden:

the service Monthly cost (in dollars $)
Accommodation and housing costs Student dormitory housing 240 – 620 euros per month.
the food 200 euros a month.

  • A meal for two in a regular restaurant 8-10 euros.
  • A meal for two in an average restaurant from 45 to 65 euros.
Transport 80 euros a month.
Recreational social activities 70- 100 euros per month.
health insurance 30 euros a month.

Conditions of study in Sweden

Studying in Sweden requires certain conditions for university admission, the student will need to provide the general admission requirements and admission requirements for the academic program, and specific requirements for the various academic programs in Sweden can be found on university websites when the student is ready to apply and can send the necessary papers through them.

Requirements to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Sweden

  • Students successfully complete secondary education.
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language.
  • For students who obtained their final school grades after December 31, 2009 there is an additional entry requirement for Mathematics: the student must have successfully completed Mathematics courses 1A, 1B, 1C with a duration of about 10 years of mathematics studies.
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  • If the student has previous university studies, he must submit it in addition to high school and university qualifications.

Requirements for obtaining a master’s degree

  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized university.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language with an internationally recognized test such as TOEFL – IELTS.

Requirements for obtaining a PhD program

  • Have a university degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Fluency in the English language, in addition to familiarity with the Swedish language. Lectures and seminars are conducted in the Swedish language.

Conditions of student visa to Sweden

Applying for a study visa in Sweden is done online on the website of the Swedish Migration Agency or the local Swedish embassy or consulate in the student’s country.

Language requirements for studying in Sweden

There are no specific language requirements for granting a visa to study in Sweden, and most Swedish universities offer study programs in English and Swedish and the English language tests accepted in Swedish universities are:

  • Advanced C1.
  • test TOEFl iBT .
  • IELTS Academic .
  • PTE Academy .

Documents required to obtain a student visa in Sweden

  • A receipt proving that the student paid the residence permit application fee of 145 euros
  • Copies of the student’s passport pages with personal information, validity period and permission to live in another country.
  • Acceptance letter from the university stating that the student is admitted to a full-time full-time course. If applying for a doctoral degree, the duration of the course must be determined.
  • Proof that the student has comprehensive medical insurance coverage in Sweden (if the study lasts less than a year) This also applies if the university or university college covers the student’s insurance.
  • A bank statement proving that the student can support himself financially: with a minimum of 840 euros / month or 165 euros / month if the student is receiving free food and accommodation.
  • The document must contain the duration of the study and be translated into the English language, and documents showing obtaining a scholarship or student aid or, in the case of doctoral students, an educational grant or a position in the field of research must be attached
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What are the scholarships to Sweden?

Grants and financial aid can be obtained from public and private universities in Sweden, most notably:

  • Scholarships offered through the Swedish Institute for international students applying to master’s degree programs.
  • Scholarships offered through the Visby Program – Partnership between the countries of the European Union and Russia.
  • Scholarships offered by individual universities and each institution is free to determine the amount, duration, and admission criteria for the scholarships.
  • Country Specific Scholarships – Offered to international students from some countries.
  • International Excellence Awards : Study Portals Scholarship.

Student housing in Sweden

When coming to Sweden to study, a suitable place to live must be secured through continuous research and diligent follow-up.

To begin with, the student must know if the university in which he will study is one of the universities that provide guaranteed housing for international students, as most Swedish universities provide student housing. To obtain and provide housing in small cities is much larger and easier than in the major and major cities where housing demand is very high and dense, such as Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Certainly, student housing is the best and most economical for the international student, and the university responsible for it helps by organizing housing in corridor rooms or apartments and providing the student with information on local student housing companies.

Is it possible to work as a student during the study period in Sweden?

International students can work during their studies, which is a right granted by the Swedish state to them, and the number of hours to work during the study period in Sweden has not been specified, but it is important that the student spends about forty hours per week and devotes them to attending university lectures, reading and studying.

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If the student is from the European Union – European Economic Area (K), then he can stay and reside in Sweden after the completion of studies in search of work, but if he is from outside the European Union, he can apply to the European EAA to stay in Sweden for a period of six months after graduation to search for work.

The student must rely on search engines to search for jobs, follow advertisements at the university, and communicate with other students in order to obtain and find acceptable job opportunities.

What are the most popular recreational activities in Sweden?

There is no doubt that Sweden is one of the countries with a wonderful nature that reflects on the lives of its residents and their various activities in most Swedish cities, especially the city of Lapland in the Swedish north, with a picturesque landscape away from the hustle and bustle of busy life. In this city, the phenomenon of the appears Northern Lights in September and March, and the phenomenon of the midnight sun between May 27 and July 18, and the midnight sun appears over the Arctic Circle 24 hours a day. These phenomena make Lapland a destination for visitors to see the most beautiful views.

Everyone who goes to Sweden will find the pleasure and entertainment of long walks in the clean and unpolluted forests, they will also experience the fun of cycling, fishing, snowboarding, visiting golf courses and trying this useful sport. In addition to visiting national parks, mountains, forests, archipelago and spending the most beautiful and wonderful times in it.

Is Sweden considered a safe country?

Sweden is one of the safest and most encouraging countries to travel to. Serious crime and mega-thefts are infrequent and have limited places and times.

But this does not prevent caution and caution, especially for residents coming from outside Sweden to study or work, and they must take the necessary precautions, especially during travel, to avoid being a victim of theft or some problem, through the FCO website and to see the most important travel advice.

Also, you must take care of personal property such as computers, mobile phones, personal passports, sums of money, and insure them by keeping them in a safe place, and use locks for doors and safes, especially when staying in shared hotels and hostels, even if thefts are rare there. Also, beware of walking and night wandering in roads and dark places.

Weather conditions in Sweden may also pose some risks, such as strong winds and snow drifting, and this calls for caution while walking or while driving a car.

The health system in Sweden

Sweden is divided into 290 municipalities and 21 regional councils, and health care is considered decentralized, as each regional council takes it upon itself to provide quality health and medical care to residents and residents from abroad, and each council also covers dental costs for local residents up to the age of 23 years.

In Sweden there is a high rate of population aging, and therefore the Swedish health care system pays great attention to these elderly people and provides them with all medical supplies. In 2011, Sweden passed a new Patient Safety Act, which provides for patients, consumers and family members to have room to influence the quality of health care, which in turn facilitates detection of wrong treatment cases.

According to January 2020 statistics, about 88% of patients see a specialist within 90 days, and 82% receive treatment or have surgery in another 90 days.

Difficulties that students face during their studies in Sweden

When you come to study and reside in Sweden, there are some things that may cause you some suffering until you find a solution and adapt to life there, including:

  • You may face a language problem : not all that is in circulation and exists in the English language, even if it is the second language spoken by the Swedes, except that all of the signs displayed inside cities are placed in Swedish, in addition to the leaflets accompanying food and products, commercial advertisements and advertisements for public transport, of course This creates difficulty in the beginning of life for a student coming from another country.
  • Housing problem : This is a general problem in most countries, and also when coming to Sweden, where you must constantly search for student housing and other housing, and follow-up contact with homeowners and apartment and house owners and correspond with them constantly.
  • The high prices in Sweden : It is noted that the cost of living in Sweden is high and the prices are sometimes expensive, but when setting the appropriate plans and budget, financial and living matters will be fine.
  • It is difficult to make friends easily : For international students in Sweden, they may suffer from the lack of integration with Swedish society easily and the delay in forming friendships with Swedish students and with other students, this topic may come gradually for the student.
  • It is not easy to open a bank account in Sweden : When an international student needs to open a bank account in Sweden, this is not easy for him at all, and it may take some time and ask him for a personal number or (coordinating number) and set an appointment for that, and he does not receive the code and card together.
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