Studying medicine after a bachelor’s degree. the dream is still possible

If studying medicine was one of your most important goals during high school, but you could not achieve this goal and studied another field, either near or far from the medical field, let us tell you that it is not too late yet. You can still enroll in one of the medical schools, but this time through studying abroad, as medical schools around the world welcome highly skilled people and give them the opportunity to join this dynamic, renewable field, but with two main conditions, namely possessing an outstanding academic record, and then passing entrance exams at high rates.

For more details, we will devote this article to talking about the most important privileges granted to you to study medicine, in addition to ways to join the Faculty of Medicine abroad even after you graduate from university.

Studying medicine. advantages and prospects

Medicines linked to the study of medicine

There are many reasons that drive various students around the world to choose to study medicine, ranging from personal ambition to the financial gains that work in this field guarantees. With the different goals and motives, the study of medicine remains one of the most difficult disciplines that require a lot of diligence, and below we will learn about the most important features of this specialization.

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1- Studying medicine … your way to obtain a variety of career opportunities

This is considered one of the most important reasons that drive many students to want to study medicine after high school. After graduating from the university and obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the student finds a wide range of career opportunities available in the field of medicine, and he can choose from many disciplines.

In addition, you can choose between several career forms, such as choosing to work in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, or research laboratories, or be part of the medical department in other professional fields. For example, there are many medical school graduates who work in healthcare cost management in economic sectors or contribute to legal work aimed at investigating medical errors and defending patients’ rights.

So post-secondary medicine offers you a wide variety of career options. Since medicine is a broad field, you can choose a subspecialty that focuses on research or management. We need new treatments and treatments for chronic diseases, and healthcare institutes need principals who understand the basic values ​​and principles of medicine. You can also work in the field of education if you are ready to develop your pedagogical skills

2- After studying medicine. jobs are available around the world

Medical practice around the world is similar, which is why you can find a job related to the medical sector anywhere in the world once you graduate from university and complete your academic program of study in medicine, which is not the case for many other majors. This gives you access to many opportunities around the world.

But you must take into account your proficiency in the English language that is circulating in many countries and societies, and whose importance increases when it comes to practicing the profession of medicine. In this context, and to improve your English, you can follow 7 steps to help you develop your English, and 7 podcast programs to help you learn English.

In addition to the English language, you may need to learn some local languages ​​for better communication with patients, and here we offer you the 5 best language-learning applications , and you can also benefit from the best 5 tips to learn the language of your new community .

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 3- Studying medicine, your way to relieve people’s pain

Many doctors and medical personnel acknowledge that interactions with patients and their families deeply affect them and often change the way they see their careers or even their different relationships in life. Alleviating people’s pain is one of the most important motivations that make many students choose to study medicine after high school.

Thus, you can participate in relieving patients’ pain and helping them solve their health problems, based on your choice of studying medicine as a path to your educational life. This process is not only based on scientific skills, but also on empathy and effective communication with people of all kinds. Which makes the study of medicine the beginning of the exercise of this noble task.

 4- A global need for more doctors

The global need for doctors is increasing. According to the Telegraph, “In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted: that by 2030, low- and middle-income countries will face a deficit of 14.5 million healthcare professionals.” This demonstrates the high demand for healthcare professionals.

The situation is no different in the United States, where according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the employment of nurses and doctors is expected to grow between 7 and 12% by 2028.”

And the situation is no different in many countries of the world, which means that studying medicine will open the way for you to join one of the sectors most in need of employees in the world, which guarantees you the speed of engagement in the labor market.

5- Searching for new treatments and drugs through medical research

If you choose to study medicine after completing your high school, working as a doctor is not the only result of this study. Where you can specialize in many areas of medical research in this field, which is constantly developing and is considered one of the areas most in need of specialized research.

Thus, you will be able to develop your practical skills by focusing on research and spending your time in laboratories, where you can examine cells, conduct experiments, and find new ways to improve human health. Working in the research sector will also help you to better discover and understand more about the human body and its various systems. In addition to, of course, knowing how diseases spread and

participating in developing treatments. This makes medical research an important branch in the field of medicine, and studying medicine qualifies you to specialize in it.

Studying medicine after a bachelor’s degree. steps before starting

A group of students while studying medicine

Let’s go back from where we started, if you are interested in studying medicine but were not able to enroll in one of the medical schools in your country after the end of high school, let us tell you that time is not too late, and you can still benefit from your university degree that you obtained, and you can even consider it a trump card that strengthens One of the opportunities to join the College of Medicine, but this time, studying abroad will be the best way to fulfill the dream of studying medicine. Below we will review some of the avenues open to you.

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 Before studying medicine. Important tests that you must pass

Admission tests for the College of Medicine are among the most important criteria for admission to a medical school abroad, and below we will try to review the most important of these tests.

First: the MCAT test

The Medical College Admission Test, known as MCAT, is the main criterion that is relied upon in assessing students’ ability to enroll in medical schools in the United States. It is a standardized, multiple-choice test designed to assess your ability to solve problems, think critically, and know the concepts and principles of science. Natural, behavioral, and social required to study medicine. The test focuses on four main sections:

1- The biological and biochemical foundations of living systems

2- The chemical and physical foundations of biological systems

3- The psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior

4- Critical analysis and thinking skills

The MCAT is the admission test that all US medical schools and many Canadian schools require. And the test result is valid for three years only. You can learn more details about test registration and dates from here .

Second: UCAT test

The University Clinical Aptitude Test ( UCAT ) is one of the most important conditions for entry into the various medical or dental colleges in Britain. This test helps various universities to select advanced students with mental capabilities and professional attitudes required for new doctors, which enable them to succeed in this profession.

The test is offered online, and it aims to test and determine the cognitive abilities and the possibilities of logical and critical thinking, and it consists of five main tests:

1- Verbal Reasoning: It evaluates the ability to reason logically in written information and come to a logical conclusion on time. This test is 21 minutes long and consists of 11 reading passages and 44 questions.

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2- Quantitative Reasoning: assesses the ability to solve numerical problems. From 9 tables and graphs, you need to answer 36 questions within 24 minutes.

3- Abstract Reasoning: assesses the ability to infer relationships from information by converging and divergent thinking. Within 13 minutes, you must answer 55 questions.

4- Decision Analysis: assesses the ability to deal with different forms of information to infer relationships, make rational judgments, and decide on the appropriate answer. Within 32 minutes, you must answer 28 questions, based on one informative scenario.

5- Situational Judgment: It tries to measure your reactions in different situations, and the extent of your understanding and understanding of medical ethics. This test lasts 27 minutes and answers 67 questions based on 20 different situations.

You can access more information about UCAT here .

Third: BMAT test

The BioMedical Admissions Test is a two-hour proficiency test required by some schools of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine

focuses BMAT on testing a wide range of skills through its three sections:

1- The first section: It tests problem-solving skills, understanding arguments, data analysis and inference. Through 32 multiple choice questions within 60 minutes.

2- The second section: tests the ability to apply scientific knowledge that is usually covered in school science and mathematics. By answering 27 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes.

3- The third section: It tests the ability to select, develop and organize ideas, and deliver them briefly and effectively in writing. By writing an essay based on one of the three questions, taking into account the time allotted for this section, which is estimated at 30 minutes.

 Based on the foregoing, you can enroll in one of the medical colleges abroad depending on your passing the admission test determined by the university you wish to join in order to study medicine abroad, which you can do even if you obtain a bachelor’s degree in any other field. What matters is that you fulfill the requirements and rates specified in the entrance exams.

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In addition to these necessary tests; There are many undergraduate programs that enhance your admission to medical schools abroad, and below we will try to address some areas that may help you if you want to study medicine abroad.

Bachelor’s programs that help you gain admission to medical schools

chemistry lab

In many countries around the world, a medical degree is considered a professional degree. Meaning that you can enroll in it after high school or after completing a bachelor’s or graduating from university, but you must first meet the necessary conditions that prove your qualification for majoring in the study of medicine.

It is true that the exams are the basic admission criterion for medical schools abroad, whether you have a high school diploma only, or you have a bachelor’s degree; However, there are many undergraduate programs that prove that you are qualified to enter the College of Medicine, as these fields are related in one way or another to medical care, health and treatment, and therefore you can study medicine after obtaining a bachelor’s in one of these following specializations:

1- Bachelor of Science in Biology

The study of biology may be considered one of the fields most closely related to the study of medicine, as it mainly focuses on studying and understanding how life systems interact, and it is considered an essential study for all physicians. Hence, regardless of the medical field in which you aspire to specialize, biology will help you and influence your studies very beneficial.

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2- Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry

In great similarity to biology, chemistry also helps you understand the properties and structures of different substances (whether or not they are alive). Therefore, given that any part of the human body has some form of chemical basis and components.

In addition, it will give you an insight into how the drugs interact with the human body. How do temperature changes affect living organisms? … In the sense that studying chemistry will greatly help you to excel in studying medicine.

3- Bachelor of Public Health

The Public Health major focuses on the social sciences rather than the medical sciences major. This is because it studies health conditions in the wider community. It entails understanding how social conditions affect our health, our bodies, and our lives. By studying the effect of eating habits and their reflection on life expectancy, and studying the organizations involved in organizing medicine, and the ongoing diseases that must be controlled in and around the world.

Thus a good understanding of how these things affect the health of a community or family will be of great value if you are planning to enter medical school.

4- Bachelor’s degree in Physics

Physical equations

This BSc in Physics may seem a bit far from studying medicine, it is true, but physics may prepare you to study medicine, especially with regard to the MCAT exam, as the test focuses in parts on physics.

Also, physical knowledge may be reflected in your awareness and treatment of many issues related to the study of medicine, especially with regard to understanding how chemical properties interact with our bodies at the cellular and molecular level, which may require a physical mind capable of recognizing these balances.

5- Bachelor of Humanities

How can the humanities, such as history, languages, anthropology, and political science qualify for medical school? This may sound strange, but remember that in the United States, it does not matter what you studied provided you have a high grade point average, in addition to passing the entrance exams specified by each university.

Study medicine after BA. start now

Based on the above, we find that there are many universities abroad that allow you to study medicine after a bachelor’s, which makes you face many options, and for this you can first see the advantages of studying medicine abroad for Egyptians , and the steps for studying a bachelor’s in America . You can also learn the advantages of studying medicine in Britain at the best universities in the world from here . And if you aspire to study and continue your life in Canada, where the quality of education is in addition to the luxurious lifestyle, you will be able to learn the steps of studying a bachelor’s in Canada in detail, which is what necessarily applies to studying medicine.

And in case you want to study medicine completely free of charge in one of the best educational systems in the world; Norway will be your ideal destination, and from here you can see the best universities to study medicine in Norway. In addition to the above, you can learn about the advantages of studying medicine in Russia, the study system, as well as the best universities for studying a bachelor’s in medicine in Russia. And if you are looking to study medicine at the lowest costs, whether associated with tuition fees or living costs, Turkey will be your ideal destination, and you can view the conditions for studying medicine in Turkey and the best universities.

Based on the above, obtaining a bachelor’s in any field of study will not be an obstacle to studying medicine in the United States and Canada. What matters is only showing your abilities and academic capabilities that prove your worth with a place in the College of Medicine, which is determined by relying on the various entrance tests, which are It will open the way for you to fulfill your dream


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