CSS Examination
Let’s make the most difficult CSS examination preparation easier and
learn what CSS is.
Introduction to CSS EXAMINATION
CSS stands for CENTRAL SUPERIOR SERVICES Exam. The federal public service
commission of Pakistan every year conducts examinations to fill up grade-1 7 posts jobs
like a judge, SP, IG, PMS officer, etc. These jobs are considered the most respected and
powerful jobs in Pakistan. With a high paying salary and security. This is the only degree that confirms a job with a maximum wage. Thousands of students participate in this examination every year but only a few become eligible to pass. According to a survey in 2020 less than 2% of candidates were able to pass the competitive exam. Every candidate is offered three opportunities to pass this exam until they turn older than 28. The candidates can not appear in the examinations more than three times.

Eligibility Criteria for CSS EXAM
There is no special kind of eligibility criteria for the CSS exam. The candidate must hold a
bachelors degree and pass its matriculation and intermediate exams with the second
division or grade C. Important eligibility criteria are that your age on 31 st December 2021
must not be more than 30 years or less than 21 years.Explaining the CSS Exam
After an introduction and eligibility let’s get more into the exam sections, subjects for
compulsory and elective exams and more.
Exam divisions,
There are in total four divisions in the CSS exam and it is a must for the candidate to appear
in every one of them.

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>Written examination of CSS
The written exam has two parts: six obligatory papers and six elective papers (to be
selected from the provided list). The written exam in subcarriers has 1 200 marks out of
which 600 are for compulsory subjects and 600 are for obligatory papers. The minimum
mark for passing the obligatory papers is 40% and qualifying for elective papers is only 33%.
The time allowed for each paper is 3 hours. Each paper also has two parts: subjective and
objective parts to be completed in a specified time. The candidates qualifying for the written
test will be informed for the next medical test, psychological and viva voce tests. Candidates
can also apply and submit their papers for rechecking.
>Medical test of CSS Exam
For the medical test, the candidate must have proper and sound physical and mental
health. For the physical tests, The measured fractions of less than 3 millimetres should be
noted. The candidate’s eyesight will also be examined following the rules and regulations.
And in this case, if the candidate is not eligible for this criteria then they will not be selected
except disabled persons.
>Psychological test
The psychological test is designed to assess the candidate’s mental capabilities,
personality attributes concerning their competency as a civil servant. The psychological test
consists of written tasks and group activities etc.
>Viva Voce
The last and final step of the CSS examination is VIVA VOCE. It is an interview conducted
to check the candidate’s moral character, aptitude, boldness, grip on knowledge, leadership
qualities and sharpness.
Subjects for CSS Examinations,
There is no special syllabus given for the preparation of the CSS exams hence, the
compulsory and elective subjects list is given below with 1 00 marks for each compulsory
subject. depending on the elective subjects the marks may vary.
1 = English Essay (1 00 marks).
2= English Composition (1 00 marks).
3= General Science and Ability (1 00 marks).
4= Current Affairs (1 00 marks).
5= Pakistan Affairs (1 00 marks).
6= Islamic Studies (1 00 marks).
Elective Subjects List;
There is a diverse range of subjects in elective subjects.You should always choose the
elective subjects carefully. Choose the subjects you have your interests and thoughts clear.
The marks range may vary from 1 00–200 depending on the subject you choose.
1 = Computer science (200).
2= Economics (200).
3= Physics (200).
4= Statistics (1 00).
5= Geology (1 00).
6= Business administrations (200).
7= Gender studies (1 00).
8= Criminology (1 00).
9= Mass communication (1 00).
1 0= Environmental sciences (1 00).
There are many more obligatory subjects to choose from as per your interests.Primary things to know regarding CSS examinations
> The candidate can not appear more than three times in the examination; it is prohibited.
> The maximum age for the candidate is 28 years
> The minimum age for a candidate is 21 years
Bachelor’s degree is compulsory for every candidate including the passing category of
the second division.
> It is compulsory for the candidate to pass the written exam for further test levels.

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Preparation guidelines for CSS examination
If you are intending to emerge in the CSS examinations, you must know that you are going
to oblige against hundreds and hundreds of other students with the same dream as yours.
You must prepare yourself before the exam both mentally and physically. Preparation is the
most important part. You must know how to prepare yourself for the exam. Let me share
some tips and tricks for you concerning; How to make CSS exam preparation more
manageable and easier?
● Undergo the Past Papers of the last 5 years exclusively
This is the best trick to undergo the last five years past papers. At first, they will give you
knowhow of the exam and the topic of the essay how they have been selected, for the last
years were they selected from the current affairs of the state or the environmental issues,
terrorism, educational issues and many more. You will get to know what kind of questions
have been asked. The paper pattern, the time required for each question etc. Past Papers
will help you a lot in preparing for the exam.
● Newspaper reading
If you are a CSS student you must know that reading daily or weekly newspapers will help
you a lot in preparing for the examination. It will not only keep you up to date but will also
help you improve your English day by day. If you are not a daily reader you should read the
weekly newspaper or monthly magazines. Current affairs, political science, essays on
international affairs are all covered in newspapers. You can also write a good essay by
reading the newspapers daily.
● Choose the Elective Subjects carefully
You must choose the subjects carefully in which your concepts and notions are clear. Here’s
a tip: you should choose easy subjects with the highest marks. And here is my
suggested list of easy subjects list for maximum marks;
> Political science.
> Criminology.
> Psychology.
> Gender studies.
> Urdu and English literature.
> Environmental Science.
● Special Consideration on English
Many students think that they are good enough in English speaking and writing to pass the
CSS exam. But in reality, most of the students fail the CSS English exam. English itself
requires a lot of practice and attention. But reading newspapers can help you a lot to
improve your English. No one is perfect, only practise makes a man perfect. Here’s my tip to improve your English
> Write a lot, practice writing essays and articles. For a maximum of 2000- 2500 words.
> Start reading newspapers and magazines daily.
> Start updating your vocabulary.

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● Practise
We already know practice makes a man perfect. You should write a lot so that you can
improve your speed. You should write maximum words in a short time. At least practise
writing two to three essays daily. Writing articles can also help you a lot. Additionally, give
special attention to the paper presentation and writing. Your speed and handwriting will
improve automatically by practising daily.

Best Academies for CSS Preparation
After a lot of research, I have extracted some of the best academies and institutes for CSS
Preparation. Here’s the list;
● National Officers Academy (NOA)
● Kips CSS/PMS Academy
● Pace CSS Academy
● Elite CSS Academy
Admission Process
The admission process includes the Date Sheet, Exam Centres, Results, Fee Structure etc.
Date sheet:
The Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan releases the date for admission from
the start of October till the start of November. The candidates only have a month for the
registration for the CSS exam. You can view the datasheet here. You can also register online
through the FPSC website.
Fee Structure:
The Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan charges different types of fees from
the candidate. For instance the written exam fee, medical and rechecking fee etc. Only if you
excel in the written exam you will pay for the medical fee.
Written examination = 2200.
Rechecking Exam per paper fee = 500.
Medical test = 1 400.
Representation/ review appeal fee per subject = 500.

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Exam Centers:
The exams are conducted in all the big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi,
Gujranwala, Multan etc. The regional offices of FPSC are responsible for these tests.
The Officials take 7–8 months for the written exam result. The results were announced at
the end of September. The result of 2021 was announced on 30 September you can check it
out here. You can check your result from the online website of FPSC


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